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Revitalise Your Manchester House Exteriors With Proper Jet Washing

Clean away all chemical spills and spots from your driveways. Refresh your garden patio to its original look. Work with your local Manchester gardeners that have all the necessary tools and solutions to leave your home exteriors just the way your like them. Take advantage of efficient jet washing techniques that will also clean surfaces such as decks, fences, walkways, facades, stone and concrete in no time.

Regular pressure washing your driveways not only prevents damage and enhances the look of your house, but also delays the need of time-consuming and costly repairs. Using only natural detergents and water under pressure, all spots, algae and moss are fully removed from all exterior surfaces, leaving only the awesome look of your garden.

Personalised Approach to Your Patio and Driveway Cleaning Needs

Work with experts that know how to properly utilise a jet washing machine and you’re going to notice the cleanliness of your driveways right away. All that’s needed from your side is to provide access to an external or internal water tap. And don’t worry, your gardeners have nozzles for all tap standards in the UK.

Different surfaces require a specialised approach to washing. Not doing so can damage the surface to an irreparable condition, making you change entire sections of your patios. The way your cleaning crews approach different surfaces is first to determine the materials they are made of:

Hard and durable - can withstand the full pressure of the water, so there is no need of special cleaning detergents
Soft and porous - a lower water pressure is used along soapy detergents to remove dirt with no harm to the processed areas

Why Work With Our Jet Washing Teams in Manchester

  • Accomplish spotless home exteriors with these comprehensive patio and driveway cleaning techniques
  • All jet washing technicians are fully trained in providing quality pressure cleaning services
  • Using only bio detergents to achieve an eco-friendly jet washing sessions
  • Appointments on holidays and weekends is with no additional charge
  • Add gutter cleaning and garden waste disposal to your order for a full makeover of your garden space
  • Get special offers and discounts when you book two or more gardening services at the same time
  • Speak with our knowledgeable customer care agents 24/7
  • Dial 0161 823 0201 now and ask for your price estimate
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